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Variable Stars

I've recently taken up variable-star observing (VSO) as part of my observing program. If you're interested in following objects that change often, are relatively easy to see even from light-polluted sites, and are often part of actual scientific research, it's hard to beat VSO. Sadly, VSO has a (not terribly well-deserved) reputation for being difficult to learn. It's a bit trickier than just watching planets and deep-sky objects, and requires more attention to details, but it's not as hard as it sounds.

One problem for many newcomers is that VSO is a pretty solitary activity -- it's not a big topic at most star parties or astronomy club meetings, for instance. This can make it hard to get advice or even just suggestions on what to observe. I intend to put up some examples of easy or especially interesting variables for the new observer. I don't have a whole lot of observing resources up yet, but I do intend to create a number of pages to help new observers find some interesting stars.

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