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Clubs and Organizations

University of Illinois Astronomical Society...

The University of Illinois Astronomical Society is a student-run organization at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Over the course of the year, the UIAS makes its activities schedule, as well as older copies of its newsletter, the Sidereal Messenger, available on the Web.

...then off to Michigan...

The Low Brow Astronomers is the major astronomy club in Ann Arbor, Michigan -- so called to distinguish themselves from the "high brow" astronomers who have offices at the University of Michigan -- who have access to a moderately dark sky site some 20 miles west of
Ann Arbor, monthly meetings, and a lively sense of cameraderie. If you're in the Ann Arbor area for some reason, check them out!

...and to the Salt Lake City area...

I lived in Salt Lake City for a while and was a member of the Salt Lake Astronomical Society for a couple of years. I have also attended some star parties held by the Weber County astronomy club. The latter group likes to hold its parties on Antelope Island in the middle of the Great Salt Lake, which is a great way to hold down the light pollution.

...the Front Range...

A few years back, I moved to Longmont, Colorado and joined the Longmont Astronomical Society. As the smallest city I've lived in during the last 12 years (though growing fast), Longmont is a little more conducive to the deep sky. Still, nothing here is quite a subsitute for, say, the Nebraska Star Party some 400 miles to the northeast.

...finally, Oregon.

I just moved to Portland, and am getting in touch with the local clubs.

I also recently started doing more variable star observing, so I'm also a member of the AAVSO (American Association of Variable Star Observers).


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