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About Me: Astronomical Interests


I've been interested in amateur observing for over 15 years now. My first scope, which I still own, was a 4.25" Edmund Astroscan. I got it as a Christmas present in 1985, while I was still in high school, and just in time for viewing Halley's Comet.


About Me: Generally

Name: David Nash

Location: Portland, Oregon, after 10 years in northern Colorado.

Other Interests: In addition to amateur astronomy, I enjoy exploring the Colorado outdoors, reading good books, being active (hike/cycle/lift/chase children...) and learning more about whatever I can.


About This Site


The Astronomy Nexus came about after I'd developed several astronomically oriented Web sites. Back in the early days of the Web, around 1995, I saw the usefulness of taking existing, popular documents, such as some FAQs I wrote for sci.astro.amateur some years ago, and using the Web's ability to connect related information to improve the documents.


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