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NSP 7 (2000)

A much better version! Clear, dark skies, fewer mosquitoes, and a new place to eat and hang out on the cloudy days (i.e., the Water's Edge at Merritt Reservoir).

The Snake River observing site on the southwest shore of Merritt Reservoir.

Amy Hart (now Nash) with three telescopes at sunset: David Knisely's 10" equatorial Newtonian (white), his 80mm wide-field refractor, and BURT, the Big Ugly Red Thing (my heavily hacked Coulter Odyssey 10" Dobsonian).

The Water's Edge, a new (built 1999) restaurant and bar right on Merritt Reservoir next to the old general store.

Just east of Valentine is some country unexpected in northern Nebraska. The Smith Falls are an unexpected beauty, with almost a 100 foot drop (true, no Niagara or Yosemite, but still quite unexpected in Nebraska).

This year's lakeside visitors, at the beach resort area and inside the Water's Edge.

David Knisely (left) and David Hamilton getting set up for the night.

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