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Endeavour updates: Getting around

There is now a navigation tool for star charts. It's in the upper left part of the chart display. With it, you can retarget the current chart, choose different zoom levels for many charts, and return to a "Home" view if you've been viewing from remote locations.

Navigation tools

Additional details after the break:

  • Zoom In / Zoom Out (Atlas charts only): Increase or decrease the magnification of the chart by one step. Each step increases or decreases the chart area by a factor of 2.
  • Arrows: Retarget the chart on a point that is in the specified direction. The step size is about 1/2 the width or height of the chart.
  • Home: Set the Location of the chart to the Sun, and the Target to a default value.

The Zoom In and Zoom Out options are only available when the chart type is "Atlas", since this type has 16 distinct zoom levels. The other chart types (such as Naked Eye or Classic Atlases) turn these options off. For this reason, the "default" chart type has changed from Naked Eye to Atlas.

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