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Endeavour updates

A few changes to the interface:

  • Star HUD is now triggered by click, rather than mouseover/mouseout, so it's "sticky". Since it's less HUD-like, the option has been renamed to "star details". The star's details will remain on screen till you click the star again (or click a different star to get its details)
  • For most stars and deep-sky objects, the object's name in the details (in bold text) is a link. Click it to recenter the chart on that object.
  • For stars with known distances, there is a "Travel" area in the star's details. Click "Go to [star ID]" to set the chart location to that star. From remote locations, the "Travel" area will also have a "Back to Sun" option to quickly return to the Sun.
  • The Location and Target star lists are now in the Advanced Chart Settings.

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