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Endeavour now has stellar motion markers, allowing you to see where the stars were far in the past, or will be far in the future. Here's an example, showing where the stars will be 10,000 years in the future:

Stellar motion markers are set in the "Advanced Chart Settings", using a non-zero number for "Stellar motion markers". Positive numbers represent times in the future, negative ones in the past, in years before or after the chart epoch (2000.0). If you have changed the year number, click "Update Chart" to load updated stellar data. Finally, under Chart Labels, check the "Stellar motions" box on or off to show or hide the markers, just like any other label option.

Stellar motions require additional network traffic and chart calculations, so are not enabled by default on all display modes. They are shown by default in Millennium Star Atlas mode, where the markers represent 1,000 years of future motion, just like the print atlas. The following atlas modes also calculate markers, but hide them by default (check "Stellar motions" in Chart Labels to display them):

  • Uranometria (both versions): 2500 yrs future
  • Atlas zoom levels 7 - 9: 2000 yrs future
  • Atlas zoom levels 10 - 12: 1000 yrs future

Stellar motion markers are not available in "Telescope" modes, since the UCAC-4 data subset in Endeavour does not currently contain stellar motion data. They are available for all other atlas modes, which use Hipparcos and Tycho-2 stars. For any such atlas mode, to enable stellar motion markers, edit the "Advanced Chart Settings" as described above.

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