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Lunar eclipse shots

It was clear for just long enough here in Colorado to get a good view of the eclipse. I got a number of decent shots with just a compact camera (Panasonic Lumix FZ-28, most at the max zoom level of 18x). As I've told a friend once, since the albedo of the Moon is similar to that of fresh asphalt, getting the right exposure settings for the full Moon is about as hard as getting them for a sunlit street. With an eclipse going on, it's a little tougher, but aggressive exposure bracketing solves many ills, and is very simple with almost any digital camera.

Here's one of my favorite shots (click to embiggen):

More images below the break:

Halfway through the partial phase. There were still some clouds, so the Moon has a halo (and it was hard to get good focus):

The beginning of totality:

A wider-field shot showing some of the stars of Gemini and Taurus. The Moon was very close to the open cluster M35, which was too faint to show with the exposure I used:

Mid-totality. Unfortunately, the clouds came back right afterward:

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