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The Nebraska Star Party 3 (1996) Decathlon

as conceived by AstroMan, a.k.a. David Scherping

  1. Swim across Merritt Reservoir with scope on your back (points deducted for getting scope wet)
  2. Climb 250 ft. high sand hill
  3. Observe all 110 Messier objects (extra points for drawing them)
  4. "Dobsled" down the sand hill
  5. Run to Valentine and rent a canoe and a bike
  6. Canoe 20 miles down the Niobrara River (extra points for standing under Smith Falls)
  7. Get on bike and ride 50 miles back to Merritt (extra points for bringing back canoe)
  8. Run 200 yd. dash with "Clear Skies Coordinator" on your back and throw him in the lake
  9. Set a dozen trot lines for catfish
  10. Successfully complete Herschel 400 list by dawn

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