The Astronomy Nexus


The Astronomy Nexus came about after I'd developed several astronomically oriented Web sites. Back in the early days of the Web, around 1995, I saw the usefulness of taking existing, popular documents, such as some FAQs I wrote for sci.astro.amateur some years ago, and using the Web's ability to connect related information to improve the documents.

Over several years, as my interests changed, I found myself making more sites, but all with common themes in astronomy. After six years, it was time to bring them all together. Astronomy itself is full of connections, and at its best the Web is a way to connect text, images, and ideas to each other. So, I adopted a phrase symbolizing connection, and created a place where all the information I've created or compiled could be viewed in one place.

In particular, this is the permanent home of the HYG database set, as well as the Endeavour star chart project.

Unless indicated otherwise, information on the Nexus is licensed by a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. This basically means:

  1. you're free to use anything on this site for your own personal, educational, or even commerical use.
  2. you do need to give me credit for any material from this site that you redistribute or add to your own work.
  3. when you use anything from this site in something you distribute or publish, such as a Web site, newsletter, or whatever, you do need to distribute or publish the resulting content on the same terms as described above.

For more details, read the full license.

Note that this is no longer a Non-Commercial license from Creative Commons, so unless something on this site is described otherwise, you can use the information on this site for your own purposes with proper attribution.