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Currently the Encyclopedia goes out to 40 light years. However, there are lots of Sunlike stars out there beyond 40 light years, as well as a whole bunch of other stars that are interesting for other reasons.

Because of this, I have decided to create a much larger database of stars: the HYG database (for Hipparcos, Yale, and Gliese). It contains over 31,000 stars: all the naked eye stars, all the nearby stars (those within about 150 light years), and more besides. 31,000 stars is a bit too many to put in an encyclopedia, so instead I have set this up as a database for download (into a database program, or a spreadsheet program like Excel). With the HYG database, you can figure out how many stars near the Sun are more luminous than the Sun, or see how many are multiples, or are dimmer than (say) the luminosity limits of the Encyclopedia, or just about everything else you could want.

Currently the HYG database contains position, distance, brightness, name, catalog, and spectrum/color type information. I do not have metallicities, companion orbital elements, or stellar ages in it right now. Unfortunately, these data are generally too fragmentary (for example, the Ca H-K line measurements for estimating stellar age only work well for certain stellar spectral classes).

You can download the HYG database from the "Stellar Cartography" menu.

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